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The Drone Co. ® is the leading national drone service company in the USA. We are one of the first companies authorized by the FAA to provide commercial video and photography aerial drone service in the US national airspace. If you’re looking for a drone company to deliver perfect videos or photos call on The Drone Co ®.

With hundreds of hours of drone flight time the pilots / photographers / videographers at The Drone Co ® are the most awarded aerial photographers and videographers in the world. Furthermore, we use only state of the art aerial drones and cameras for our clients. So, if you’re looking for the best aerial video or photo company around call on The Drone Co ® today: 888-321-9251

Atlanta Drone Service

The Drone Co. is the official Mercedes-Benz Stadium Drone Service Provider

The Drone Co TrueView


TrueView® Roof Inspection Insurance Claim Service by The Drone Co.

Our TrueView® Insurance Claim Roof Inspection Service provides you with our state of the art imaging technology that provides Ultra-High-Def Imaging specifically calibrated for roof inspections using our proprietary software.


TrueView® Golf Tournament Video Service by The Drone Co.

The Drone Co TrueView® Golf Tournament Video Service provides you with our state of the art imaging technology that provides Ultra-High-Def Imaging specifically calibrated for our Golf Tournament Video Service using our proprietary software.

The Drone Co 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

As the leader in Professional Drone Video Service, The Drone Co. provides the only 100% Satisfaction Guarantee in the drone video services industry.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for Drone Video Service:

1.) If you’re not 100% satisfied we will go out and reshoot the drone services we are contracted to provide you.

2.) If you’re still not happy we will send out a different drone pilot to provide the drone services to you.

3.) Every drone video service gets 2 rounds of changes unless otherwise stipulated in the contract to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with the end results of your drone video.

The Drone Co. is the only FAA Approved Drone Video Service Company that provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, $3,000,000.00 in liability insurance company, Adobe Certified Professional Editors and fully certified drone pilots for every flight.

The Drone Co. is a proud supporter of Know Before You Fly.

Know Before You FLy

The Drone Co ® is the leading provider of Commercial Real Estate Aerial Drone Video Service And Photography.

Here is an example of some recent work we have done.

(The start and end with our logo is not on the end video for the client.)

The Drone Co ® is different than any other drone company in the US. We separate ourselves by providing superior aerial photography and drone video services at affordable rates.



Each of our expert pilots hold industry standard UAS qualifications from AMA. They then undergo further in-house training to hone their skills to ensure a safe and efficient flight every single time they take off to undertake aerial photography. We also work with accredited engineers and drone consultants with aviation and safety management skills. Furthermore we are FAA authorized to fly commercial aerial drones anywhere in the US.

Aerial Drone


We are one of a handful of companies in the USA that is fully insured for all drone operations in the US National Airspace. Our public liability insurance is specifically created for aerial photography and is valid worldwide up to the value of $2 Million, this provides our clients with the coverage they need to feel safe using The Drone Co. for all of their aerial drone video and photography needs.



The Drone Co. is leading the way in the US for artistic and innovative drone cinematography and photography. As the US pioneering company in the field of aerial drone cinematography and photography, our pilots and cameramen have won more awards than any other drone company in the US. If you want the best aerial drone photography or cinematography call on The Drone Co.

The Drone Co Aerial Drone Service


Our expertise extends past our drone and into our editing work. With industry defining software, we can edit and manipulate your video or photos to create the the perfect end product. Other drone service companies may be able to fly a drone but they can’t compete with our editors and graphic artist. Our editors come from leading motion picture companies and our graphic artist work has been featured in world renowned fashion magazines.

Aerial drone video service we provide:

  • Special Event Aerial Drone Photography
  • Special Event Aerial Drone Cinematography and Video Service
  • Luxury Real Estate Aerial Drone Photography
  • Luxury Real Estate Aerial Drone Video Service
  • Commercial Property Aerial Drone Photography
  • Commercial Property Aerial Drone Video Service
  • Television and Movie Production Aerial Drone Photography
  • Television and Movie Production Aerial Drone Cinematography and Video Service
  • Golf Course Aerial Drone Photography
  • Golf Course Aerial Drone Cinematography and Video Service
  • Golf Course Tournament Aerial Drone Photography
  • Golf Course Tournament Aerial Drone Cinematography and Video Service
The Drone Co. Franchise vs. Business Solution

The Drone Co. ® is also one of the founding members of the UAV Pilots Union. UAV Pilots UnionWe are helping the UAV Pilots Union “Fight For Our Rights To Fly!” The news continues to release false statements about drones as well as huge multinational companies are trying to claim airspace specifically for their use only. Help us buy joining the UAV Pilots Union, its free!

Please visit the UAV Pilots Union to learn more.

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