Aerial Drone Real Estate Video Services

It’s a proven fact that drone flyovers sell real estate!

The Drone Company’s Drones are maneuverable, compact, and durable. These unique flying devices can capture new perspectives over common water features such as lakes, rivers, and beaches. Our video drones have a range of over 2 miles, can fly at an altitude of several hundred feet and can hover over a river or speed out over the ocean. This is the perfect device for touring a marina in South Carolina, filming a crowded beach in Alabama, or exploring the swampy Everglades of Florida. Take your prospective real estate buyers on a thrilling, high-definition video adventure by touring the wilderness areas, swamps, lakes and waterways of the south. The Drone Company’s Drone production teams are available throughout in several states including:


  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Alabama
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee


A professional drone pilot and fully trained videographer will discuss the aerial drone video project with you in advance. The Drone Co can help you script out your aerial real estate video, help with props and scenes, suggest flight patterns and strategies that will dazzle and amaze, film high quality video, and also take still photos that will showcase all people, places and things that your prospective home buyers are looking for when purchasing a home. The videographer will show up on time with a camera mounted quadcopter drone. The drone will fly several trajectories more than once and will capture as much premium footage of the real estate property as possible so all filming can be done in one session.


The Drone Company’s maintains and operates several “Inspire 1” quadcopter drones that film 4K video and can transmit UHD, FHD and HD quality video signals to multiple devices over 2 miles away. The drones can hover indoors and are compact, weighing less than 7 pounds. Inspire 1 quadcopters can ascend at a speed of approximately 11 mph but actually have a maximum speed just under 50 mph. The possibilities are endless with drone flyovers producing incredible video and still photography. Choose from many different features and effects, and apply professional flying and videography techniques that will blow your audience away. There is no end to the creativity available with a video drone flyover.

If you need a real estate aerial video call on the top Real Estate Aerial Video Provider, The Drone Co.