Aerial Drone Video and Photography Over Water

Aerial Drone Video and Photography Service on the Water


The Drone Company’s delivers high quality drone flyover video presentations using the best techniques and technology in; drones, photography AND videography. A skilled, professional videographer and drone pilot can produce high definition photos and videos that are beautiful, informative, thrilling and affordable all at the same time.

Drone flyovers capture vivid imagery over lakes, rivers, and beaches.


Whether at the beach, on the lake, over the ocean, or up a long and winding river, a drone flyover video provides a unique and exciting perspective. Consider a drone video or aerial photos for your special event, sailing adventure, or your next family get together. Drone flyovers are ideal for weddings, concerts, family reunions, barbecues, campouts, rallies, sporting events, boating, yachting, or just partying on the beach.

Drone flyovers are also ideal for sales and marketing of real estate, educational programs, public relations, hotels and resorts, tours of all kinds, and many other professional video and photo applications. If you are selling a boat or yacht for instance, a drone video can reveal the beauty and fun of sailing like no other camera. An aerial perspective from The Drone Company’s can also capture the uniqueness of a beachfront resort, the seclusion of a home nestled in the woods, an expansive property in the mountains, or just about any other piece of real estate.

If you need aerial drone video of your lake, river or ocean side real estate, luxury yacht or boat call on The Drone Co.