Aerial Drone Video For Residential Real Estate and Construction

Aerial Drone Video For Residential Real Estate and Construction


Photos and videos are critical when selling real estate. There are many websites dedicated to the real estate market including Zillow and Trulia. In order to compete with other sellers in the modern market, high quality photography and video is essential. In residential real estate and construction, photos and videos are what bring a project to life. High quality, professionally produced video gives a prospective buyer a feel for what it would be like to own a piece of land or live at a given residential property. Aerial photography and videography can be used to sell any property including a luxury apartment, a suburban community development, or a sprawling ranch property with a mansion and stables.


High quality photos and videos from The Drone Company’s.

In order to paint your real estate projects in the most positive light, you need high quality photo and video production. This is why The Drone Company’s offers comprehensive drone video flyovers and post-flight editing services. Drone flyovers are affordable, attractive and highly effective for selling real estate. Aerial photography also provides a fresh and exhilarating view of real estate, construction projects, developments and properties of all kinds.


If you are representing a large condo development, a drone flyover could highlight the amenities, the location, the finishes, and the views available at the property. If you are in construction and you are looking for investment, a drone flyover can help establish your vision for the development, sell investors on your ideas and provide a status update for every phase of construction. All real estate brokers in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee should add The Drone Company’s flyovers to their list of marketing techniques. The fact is that drone video flyovers offer a perspective that no other marketing technique can emulate.


Drone video flyovers are a fantastic way to show off a residential property!

Your drone pilot and videographer will sketch out a design for the video, a “script” if you like. You may require multiple drone flights at different speeds, altitudes and trajectories. Once the drone is put away and the footage has been shot, the team at The Drone Company’s will work with you in editing the material, adding titles, effects, or voice-over narration as needed. The Drone Company’s offers comprehensive filming, editing and publishing services to provide you with a dazzling finished product that is ready to go to market. The end results are professionally produced video and photo projects designed to sell real estate, residential developments, and construction projects.


There are many options for the output of a drone flyover from The Drone Company’s. You can shoot a short commercial designed to sell homes. You could enhance a full length film or documentary with stunning views from above. You could develop a sales presentation that features beautiful aerial footage of a residential development, construction project or community. You might even hire a drone for your special marketing event, open house, or social gathering. The opportunities and applications for a drone flyover are virtually limitless.


Each drone is piloted by a professional and mounted with GPS and camera technology that is state-of-the-art. Videos and photos can be shot and edited to meet your detailed specifications and requirements. The Drone Company’s operates “Inspire 1” quadcopters that are specially equipped to fly indoors or outdoors. The latest in video drone technology, Inspire 1 quadcopters include:


·       Max speed: 50 mph

·       Max flight time: 18 min. ·       MP4 and MOV format ·       UHD, FHD, or HD
·       Ascent speed: 11 mph ·       Weight: 6.5 lb. ·       JPEG and DNG format

·       Range: Over 2 miles

If you need an aerial drone video for your residential property call on The Drone Co today!