Aerial Drone Videos for Wildlife Management, Agriculture and Hunting

Aerial Drone Video Services for Wildlife Management, Farming, Agriculture and Hunting


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) also known as drones, can be used to film outdoor videos that were previously possible only with the use of helicopters. The Drone Company’s exists to offer this technology to a wider market that may not have the money to hire a helicopter pilot. This is especially exciting for the management of wildlife sanctuaries, zoos, farms and agricultural enterprises, hunting retreats and much more.


An aerial view of animals and the land they live on provides valuable operational information such as grazing conditions, size of the herd or flock, animals that may be sick or dying, and much more. Drone videos can also be used to survey a fence line, check status on water and feed, monitor the growth of crops, or check on a population of fish. Hunters and fisherman can use drones to track their prey, map out their route, or just show off with a cool video from a recent hunting trip. When it comes to farming, ranch, agriculture, and even wildlife management, a drone flyover video can pay huge dividends and actually save costs.


Produce high quality aerial videos and photos of your farm, ranch, or wildlife preserve.


Of course, drone flyover videos can also be used for sales and marketing. If you are getting ready to sell a farm, ranch, animal sanctuary or other piece of property, consider a professionally produced marketing video from The Drone Company’s. You can feature the animals, the crops, developed infrastructure or just the land itself. An aerial view of your real estate can introduce prospective buyers, highlight all the features and amenities, and get the property sold. If you operate a private wildlife reserve, hunting lodge, zoo, or animal sanctuary, a drone video can capture all the benefits and tangible value of the property.


The Drone Company’s owns and operates a fleet of commercial grade drones that fly farther, longer, higher and faster than other drones on the market. “Inspire 1” quadcopter drones are mounted with advanced camera and gimbal technology that captures video in UHD (4K), FHD and HD resolutions. The drones can fly over a herd of animals at up to 50 mph with a total flight time of up to 18 minutes. The sophisticated gimbals keep the picture stable, clear and crisp at any speed, angle and in almost any weather conditions. With advanced Inspire 1 quadcopters, The Drone Company’s is a one-stop-shop for the filming and production of high-quality videos and photography.


The Drone Company’s drones are piloted by certified professionals and trained videographers. The service professionals at The Drone Company’s know how to get the most out of any video shoot, suggesting flight paths, trying various techniques and establishing a schedule that meets your needs. All of this contributes to a fabulous finished video or photo project and a satisfied customer. With The Drone Company’s, you get comprehensive service and a flyover video that dazzles and amazes the audience.


Contact The Drone Company’s for professional video flyovers and still photography.

Consider professionally produced marketing videos and photographs for your farm, ranch, zoo, animal sanctuary, wilderness area, hunting and fishing properties or virtually any outdoor setting. You could also consider a video drone for a wedding, party, family reunion, sporting event, excursion, campout, sailing trip, construction project, residential or commercial real estate projects, and many other special events and programs. Aerial video production is available from The Drone Company’s in several states including:


  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Alabama
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee