Certified Professional Drone Pilot


This Drone Pilot has passed over 40 hours of classes and passed challenging test to learn how to properly and safely fly a Drone. The Drone Co. is continually inspecting the abilities, service quality and professionalism of this pilot to insure unparalleled professionalism and service.

The Drone Co. certifies that the pilot has proven to meet our standards and is properly trained to follow and instruct their clients in all FAA guidelines.

The Drone Co. “Certified Pilot” seal is only provided to those that continually exceed customers expectations while flying safely. When you see our seal you know you’re dealing with a professional, certified, licensed and insured drone pilot. If we find a pilot does not meet our expectations they are removed from the program and no longer have access to The Drone Co. Certified Pilot seal.

Look for this seal when selecting a drone pilot.
The Drone Co. Seal of Approval