Construction Information Modeling Service

Aerial Construction Information Modeling Service
with The Drone Co’s TrueView™ Service

With The Drone Co TrueView Services, drones can now be used as a Construction Information Modeling (CIM) tool to “digitize the construction site” for remote or local management with detailed hi-resolution aerial imaging.  This allows construction crews to catch mistakes early and by integrating into the Autodesk CAD model to make changes before they cause devastating cost overruns.

The CIM capabilities by The Drone CO also allow construction teams to measure the amount of raw material, such as gravel, left at a project site or what is left available for a job at the plant.

Simply CIM Services by The Drone Co integrates brings real world aerial imaging of to the desktop.


Aerial Construction Inspection Services

Build right, the first time

With The Drone Co. TrueView™ you can track, manage, and communicate work site status effortlessly


No more surprises with your building construction

By overlaying imagery collected from the drone co with the original building design, all construction mistakes can be identified well before they become costly to fix. The Drone Co. TrueView™ Construction Building Information Services integrates easily with most versions of Autodesk so you don’t have a huge learning curve in integrating our services with your existing workflow.

Manage your construction subcontractors with verifiable facts to get issues resolved as they happen

Construction subcontractor progress is generally verified with an on sight visual review, walk-through, and sign-off. Superintendents love The Drone Co Construction Building Management Service  TrueView™ because it allows them to work from anywhere in the world remotely managing the building projects and it works within their existing daily process. Using The Drone Co Construction Building Management Service  TrueView™ Superintendents can have remote live oversight that is so detailed that nothing is missed.

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