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Professional Drone Aerial Photography Services

The Drone Co. provides professional aerial photography for consumer and commercial clients. Our aerial drones shoot in hi-res RAW format. If you need aerial photography call on The Drone Co. We are the national leading aerial done photography company.  Are Headquaters are based in Atlanta, GA but we have pilots across the USA.

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If you need consumer aerial photography for things like weddings, paparazzi engagement or other special events we have the drones perfect for you. If you want the best equipment, experienced local aerial photographers call on The Drone Co. today.  Click the button to send us more information about your personal aerial drone photography needs.

If you need commercial photography you’ve come to the right aerial drone company. We provide commercial aerial photography across the US. From aerial shots of property to inspection service for utility companies The Drone Co. is your one stop aerial drone company, providing you with all the professional aerial drone photography services you need. Contact us today by click the button to send us your needs.

Aerial Photography by The Drone Co.

Aerial Photography by The Drone Co.

The Drone Co is the leading provider of drone aerial photography for consumer and commercial uses. We provide the following Aerial Photography services:

Wedding Photography
Paparazzi Engegement Photography
Special Event Photography
Thermal Infrared Photography
Thermal Infrared Human Search and Rescue
Pet Thermal Infrared Search and Rescue
Residential Aerial Real Estate Photography
Corporate Event Photography
Aerial Concert Photography

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The Drone Co. is authorized by the FAA to fly UAV’s and Drone’s in the United States. We are the very first company to achieve a national approval to provide services across the US. We carry over $2,000,000 in liability insurance and are trusted by companies like Google, Yahoo, Cabela’s, Rooms To Go, PGA, GTAA, Cushman & Wakefield, Hilton Worldwide, AT&T and many more.

We only use the best flight tested equipment available. From the best gps, data recorders, cameras, UAV’s – Drone’s to Radio Controllers you know when you chose The Drone Co. You are getting the best service money can by at an affordable rate.

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Aerial Photography by The Drone Co.