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Are you looking for a drone pilot? We have more UAV pilots in the USA than The-Drone-Co-Squareany other FAA authorized and certified drone company. We have the latest drones, software, certified photoshop experts, graphic video editors and the best pilots in the USA.

If you need a UAV Drone Aerial Pilot trust the only certified, authorized aerial drone company by the FAA that covers every state.

We will help you understand the USA laws pertaining to UAV flight and help keep you from facing costly fines from the FAA.

All of our pilots are certified, insured and experienced UAV pilots with training in aerial photography and video. Don’t settle for a UAV hobbiest with no insurance and no experience or understanding of how to get the best possible shot for your needs.

When considering an aerial drone company consider the following top 3 issues when doing your research:

150px-US-FederalAviationAdmin-Seal.svg1.) Does the UAV / Drone Company / person hold both the 333 Exemption and Certificate of Authority (COA) required by the FAA? If not you’re opening yourself to a $10,000 for each photo or video produced. The Drone Co. holds both the required 333 Exemption and COA’s required to do the job and keep you out of trouble with the federal government.

logo2.) Does the UAV Drone company have Aviation Insurance? This is significantly more expensive than regular general liability and is the ONLY insurance that covers crashes by an aerial drone. If the UAV pilot or company you’re talking to tells you anything different ask for their insurance underwriters information and ask the underwriter to send you a detailed document saying that your completely covered by any UAV crash. They won’t send it because legally the are not authorized in the USA to provide that insurance. The Drone Co. hold $2,000,000 aviation liability insurance. We are a REAL company with everything you need to protect your company for an unfortunate accident.

ACE-logo3.) Can they provide professional quality editing services? A video is grate but do they know how or what color grading is? Can they professionally touch up any issues in the video or photos that you want / need removed. The Drone Co. has certified Adobe Premier Pro editors and Photoshop professionals on staff to edit your videos. Don’t trust your project to “some dude with a drone” or buy a drone and expect your “IT Guy” to be an expert in photography, videography, video editing, photoshop, audio and all the other pre and post production skills that The Drone Co. brings to your aerial drone video or photography project.

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