The Drone Co License Program Next Steps

If you have any questions, comments or concerns contact Myles on his cell phone at 678-231-4440

  • Licensing, Assigned Territory & Pilot Certification Training

    Limited Time $10,000 if paid upfront or
    $3500 down $1,000 per month for installments

    • Authorized use of The Drone Co. logo
    • Exclusively assigned area of your choice
    • Free marketing in your area from The Drone Co. website
    • All leads in your area and first right of refusal on any surrounding areas not already sold.
    • Already closed deals that all you need to do is shoot and we send you the money.;
    • Over 50 hours of FAA compliant online self-paced pilot training
    • 20 hours of online self-paced business training
    • FAA Part 107 Practice Exam
    • FAA 333 Exemption Submission
    • FAA Certificate of Authorization Submission
    • The Drone Co. Certified Pilot Certification with Drone Pilot Designation
    • The Drone Co. Certified Pilot Website Widget
  • Drone & Accessories Packages Links:
  • Payment Options

    You can pay your licensing fee in full or pay 50% deposit with the remaining due within 30 days.
  • Certified Pilot License Agreeement

    By submitting this form you are agreeing to our Certified Pilot License Agreement

  • Excludes Hardware payment. To order hardware select the product from the link above and order.
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