Geo Referrenced Orthomosaic Maps for Real Estate

If you need a professional Othromosaic map of a listing call on The Drone Co. We can provide Geo Referenced Large Scale Orthomosaic Maps.

This image takes a long time to load because it is extremely large.


What is an Orthomosaic Map or Photo?

The Orthomosaic Map above is comprised of 79 hi-res photos that overlap and create a 20 acre geo-tagged and GPS referenced so they provide a high level of accuracy for any application.

Additional Othromosaic Map Services

The Drone Co Othromosaic Map NDVI analysis:

The Drone Co. can help find problems, quantify damage and estimate yields of your crops.

Creative Orthomasaic Map Editing and Cropping:

The Drone Co can crop your maps precisely giving you the perfect view that highlights only the areas you want to show. The Drone Co also can provide map annotation services to bring your orthographic maps to the next level.

The Drone Co’s Orthomosaic Maps Provide Detailed Measurements:

The Drone Co can measure exact distance, area and volume with ease.

Orthomosaic Map shown with overlapping photos of target areas.

Orthomosaic Map Layout

Orthomosaic Map Photo Definition

  1. An Orthomosaic Map Photo is a group of aerial photos shot directly above the subject to create a map that is geometrically corrected (“orthorectified”) such that the scale is uniform: the photo has the same lack of distortion as a map. The map can be a small area, say a house up to thousands of acres of property. Typically an Orthomosaic photo is used by real estate agents to show large properties to prospective buyers, farmers to inspect crops and other land or roof inspection services.

Myles Rothacker
The Drone Co. Pilot Electronic Training
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Flight path and plotting for drone shooting Orthomosaic Maps.

Orthomosaic Maps Sphere

Why Orthomosaic Maps and Photos by The Drone Co.

To create Orthomosaic Maps and Photos you need to have a high degree of skill in flying your drone. The drone must shoot at a fast burst rate and overlap the images to insure complete coverage of the area your shooting the Orthomosaic Map. The Drone Co are experts in shooting Orthomosaic Maps.

We use a wide array of tools to create our maps and to deliver high quality Orthomosaic Maps and Photos. If you would like to learn more about The Drone Co. Orthomosaic Maps and Photo services call us today. 1-888-321-9251

The Orthomosiac Map photo above at the top of the page has been down-sampled to 60% quality and less than 20% of its real size.


To see a full size Orthomosiac Map please contact us.

The above image is a small scale version of an actual Geo-referenced Tiff Image of 20 Square Acres.

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