2019 Exclusive Package


Product Description


DJI Inspire 2 
DJI X5S Camera
DJI Remote Controller Stand
DJI Focus Wheel
6 DJI TB50 Rechargeable Batteries
Extra set of Quick Release Propellers
DJI Inspire 2 CineSSD Station
2 CrystalSKY 7.85″ Screens
2 240GB SSD Cards
Extra Cendence Remote Controller
x5s ballancing ring

Mavic 2 Pro 
Polar Pro DJI Mavic 2 Pro Filter 3-pack

DJI Osmo+
Polar Pro ND Filter 3 pack for DJI Osmo+
Z-Axis Stabilizer
2 – DJI Osmo+ High Capacity Batteries



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