Professional Drone Pilot Training

The Original National Company and Leader in Professional Drone Pilot Training in the USA.

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The Drone Co is the ONLY national drone training company that is owned and operated by FAA licensed drone pilots.

The Drone Co Professional Drone Pilot Training Classes


Are you new to the drones? Our online video class for getting started with drones answers your questions about drones and the basics regarding federal regulations.

DJI Phantom and Inspire 1 Drone Pilot Training Class


Our online course for DJI Phantoms and DJI Inspire 1 covers all the ins and outs of flying the industry leading drones. All our classes are taught by real FAA licensed drone pilots.

Online Part 107 Prep Test Drone Pilot Training Class


The Drone Co.’s Online Part 107 Prep Test Covers the top 150 questions asked in the FAA Part 107 test. Learn from FAA certified drone pilots.

In Person Part 107 Drone Pilot Training Class

Classroom Pilot Training

Do you prefer face -to-face training from a FAA Certified drone pilot? Don’t settle for less, The Drone Co. is the national leader in training for the Part 107 test by Certified Part 107 Certified Pilots.

Starting A Drone Business As A Drone Pilot Training Class

Starting a drone business

Don’t know where or how to start your drone business. Learn from the only company that provides training from drone business service providers, The Drone Co.

Beginners Aerial Thermal Imaging Drone Pilot Training Class

Thermal Aerial Drone Pilot Training

Ready to take a step into Thermal Imaging. The Drone Company will teach you how to use your thermal camera and how to create thermal survey reports for your clients.

Beginners Pilots Aerial Surveying Drone Pilot Training Class

Aerial Surveying

Learn how to use some of the leading aerial surveying applications with your drone.

Aerial Photography Drone Pilot Training Class

Aerial Photography Pilot Training Class

Having a drone is great, knowing how to take a photo with it is easy. Learning how to take a great photo with it a bit more complex. Learn how to take a great aerial photo that you and your clients will love.

Aerial Videography Drone Pilot Training Class

Aerial Videography

Shooting great aerial video for commercial use is not just point and click. Learn how to shoot award winning video.

Advanced Aerial Inspection Drone Pilot Training Class

Drone Cell Tower Inspection

Learn how to take advance measurement readings that utility, cell phone, and government requires.

Cinematography with the Inspire 1 x5r and Inspire 2 x5s Drone Pilot Training Class

Aerial Photography by The Drone Co.

Learn how to create movie quality video with the Inspire 1 X5R Camera and the Inspire 2 X5S 5.2K Cameras for the television and movie industry.

Real Estate Aerial and Ground Video and Photography Drone Pilot Training Class


Real Estate Aerial / Ground Video and Photography taught by leaders in the Real Estate photo and videography experts.

Advanced Aerial Mapping and Inspection Drone Pilot Training Class

industrial drone thermal inspection services

Learn how to create orthomosaic maps, Thermal inspections, normalized difference vegetative index ( NDVI )  inspections, 3D aerial maps and more.

Aerial Security and Loss Prevention Drone Pilot Training Class

Loss Prevention

The Drone Co will teach you how to use drones to provide advance security and loss prevention investigations.

Corporate, Company or Group Drone Pilot Training Class

Corporate Drone Pilot Training Class

Do you have a company that needs training on how to use drones? We can create a custom corporate drone training class specific to your needs. Learn More.

Emergency Management Drone Pilot Training Classes and Certification

Orthomosaic Map Layout

The Drone Co is working with emergency management at the national and local level to provide emergency inspection, search & rescue services with drones.

Government Agency Drone Pilot Training

Roswell Drone Services

Are you a local government agency looking at deploying drones? The Drone Co has worked with more government agencies than any drone company in the nation. We can help you learn basic to advanced deployment strategies that meet your mission specific needs.

Photoshop for Aerial Images Drone Pilot Training Class

Photoshop Editing for Drone Pilots Training Class

Learn how to edit your aerial images using Adobe Photoshop. Our class makes it so easy that anyone who can use a mouse can become a great photo editor with Photoshop.

Video Editing for Beginner Drone Pilots Training Class

Video Editing Drone Pilots Training Class

First, we help you figure out what is the best video editing platform for your needs. Then, we teach you how to perform standard video editing techniques as well as media management best practices.

Advanced Video Editing Drone Pilot Training Class


Want to learn how to make television or movie grade video edits? This class by The Drone Co will teach you how to use Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier and perform advanced editing techniques to give you that “tack” perfect video.

The Drone Co Drone Pilot Training Class Locations

Arizona - Drone Training Locations

Drone Training Class Locations for Arizona:

  • Phoenix Drone Training Class
  • Scottsdale Drone Training Class
  • Surprise Drone Training Class
  • Tucson Drone Training Class
  • Mesa Drone Training Class
  • Chandler Drone Training Class
  • Glendale Drone Training Class
  • Sedona Drone Training Class
  • Flagstaff Drone Training Class

Arkansas - Drone Training Class

  • Little Rock Drone Training Class

California - Drone Training Class

  • Los Angeles Drone Training Class
  • San Diego Drone Training Class
  • San Jose Drone Training Class
  • San Francisco Drone Training Class
  • Fresno Drone Training Class
  • Sacramento Drone Training Class

Colorado - Drone Training Class

  • Denver Drone Training Class
  • Colorado Springs Drone Training Class
  • Aurora Drone Training Class
  • Fort Collins Drone Training Class
  • Lakewood Drone Training Class

Connecticut - Drone Training Class

  • Bridgeport Drone Training Class
  • New Haven Drone Training Class
  • Hartford Drone Training Class
  • Stamford Drone Training Class
  • Waterbury Drone Training Class

Florida - Drone Training Class

  • Jacksonville Drone Training Class
  • Miami Drone Training Class
  • Tampa Drone Training Class
  • St. Petersburg Drone Training Class
  • Orlando Drone Training Class
  • Pensacola Drone Training Class
  • West Palm Beach Drone Training Class
  • Sarasota Drone Training Class

Georgia - Drone Training Class

  • atlanta commercial drone serviceAtlanta Drone Training Class
  • Lawrenceville Drone Training Class
  • Savannah Drone Training Class
  • Athens Drone Training Class
  • Roswell Drone Training Class
  • Marietta Drone Training Class
  • Johns Creek Drone Training Class
  • Duluth Drone Training Class
  • Norcross Drone Training Class
  • Alpharetta Drone Training Class

Hawaii - Drone Service Areas

  • Honolulu Drone Training Class
  • Maui Drone Training Class

Idaho - Drone Training Class

  • Boise Drone Training Class

Illinois - Drone Training Class

  • Chicago Drone Training Class
  • Aurora Drone Training Class

Indiana - Drone Training Class

  • Indianapolis Drone Training Class
  • Fort Wayne Drone Training Class
  • South Bend Drone Training Class

Iowa - Drone Training Class

  • Des Moines Drone Training Class
  • Cedar Rapids Drone Training Class

Kansas - Drone Training Class

  • Wichita Drone Training Class
  • Kansas City Drone Training Class

Kentucky - Drone Training Class

  • Louisville Drone Training Class

Louisiana - Drone Training Class

  • New Orleans Drone Training Class
  • Baton Rouge Drone Training Class

Maryland - Drone Training Class

  • Baltimore Drone Training Class
  • Frederick Drone Training Class

Massachusetts - Drone Training Class

  • Boston Drone Training Class

Michigan - Drone Training Class

  • Detroit, Michigan Drone Training Class
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan Drone Training Class
  • Lansing, Michigan Drone Training Class

Minnesota - Drone Training Class

  • Minneapolis Drone Training Class
  • St. Paul Drone Training Class

Mississippi - Drone Training Class

  • Jackson Drone Training Class
  • Gulfport Drone Training Class

Missouri - Drone Training Class

  • Kansas City Drone Training Class
  • St. Louis Drone Training Class
  • Springfield Drone Training Class

Montana - Drone Training Class

  • Billings Drone Training Class

Nebraska - Drone Training Class

  • Omaha Drone Training Class
  • Lincoln Drone Training Class

Nevada - Drone Training Class

  • Las Vegas Drone Training Class
  • Henderson Drone Training Class
  • Reno Drone Training Class

New Hampshire - Drone Training Class

  • Manchester Drone Training Class
  • Nashua Drone Training Class
  • Concord Drone Training Class
  • Dover Drone Training Class
  • Rochester Drone Training Class

New Jersey - Drone Training Class

  • Newark, New Jersey Drone Training Class
  • Jersey City, New Jersey Drone Training Class

New Mexico - Drone Training Class

  • Albuquerque Drone Training Class
  • Santa Fe Drone Training Class

New York - Drone Training Class

  • New York, New York Drone Training Class
  • Buffalo, New York Drone Training Class
  • Rochester, New York Drone Training Class
  • Yonkers, New York Drone Training Class
  • Syracuse, New York Drone Training Class

North Carolina - Drone Service Areas

  • Charlotte, North Carolina Drone Training Class
  • Raleigh, North Carolina Drone Training Class
  • Greensboro, North Carolina Drone Training Class
  • Winston-Salem, North Carolina Drone Training Class
  • Durham, North Carolina Drone Training Class

Ohio - Drone Training Class

  • Columbus, Ohio Drone Training Class
  • Cleveland, Ohio Drone Training Class
  • Cincinnati, Ohio Drone Training Class
  • Toledo, Ohio Drone Training Class

Oklahoma - Drone Training Classes

  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Drone Training Classes
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma Drone Training Classes

Oregon - Drone Training Classes

  • Portland, Oregon Drone Training Classes
  • Eugene, Oregon Drone Training Classes
  • Salem, Oregon Drone Training Classes

Pennsylvania - Drone Training Classes

  • Philadelphia Drone Training Classes
  • Pittsburgh, Drone Training Classes

South Carolina - Drone Training Classes

  • Columbia Drone Training Classes
  • Charleston Drone Training Classes
  • Rock Hill Drone Training Classes

Tennessee - Drone Training Classes

  • Memphis, Tennessee Drone Training Classes
  • Nashville, Tennessee Drone Training Classes
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee Drone Training Classes

Texas - Drone Training Classes

  • Houston, Texas Drone Training Classes
  • San Antonio, Texas Drone Training Classes
  • Dallas, Texas Drone Training Classes
  • Austin, Texas Drone Training Classes
  • Fort Worth, Texas Drone Training Classes

Utah - Drone Training Classes

  • Salt Lake City Drone Training Classes
  • Provo Drone Training Classes

Vermont - Drone Training Classes

  • Burlington, Vermont Drone Training Classes

Virginia - Drone Training Classes

  • Virginia Beach, Virginia Drone Training Classes
  • Norfolk, Virginia Drone Training Classes
  • Richmond, Virginia Drone Training Classes

Washington - Drone Training Classes

  • Seattle Drone Training Classes
  • Spokane Drone Training Classes
  • Tacoma Drone Training Classes

West Virginia - Drone Training Classes

  • Charleston, West Virginia Drone Training Classes

Wisconsin - Drone Training Classes

  • Milwaukee Drone Training Classes
  • Madison Drone Training Classes

All of The Drone Co drone pilot training classes are provided by local drone pilots. All of The Drone Co pilots are FAA Certified Drone Pilots. We are the only national drone pilot training company that is owned by licensed FAA Certified Drone Pilots, that all drone pilot trainers hold multiple drone pilot training certifications, are trained to be professional trainers. We are the ONLY drone pilot training company that actually offers professional drone services across the USA. Find out why The Drone Co is different than any other drone pilot training organization.